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Chobani - "The Giving Tree"

00'30'' / USA / 2018

"The Giving Tree" is a TV ad to celebrate Chobani’s 10th anniversary. Besides the main TV spot, there is also a multitude of online videos that continue the story of free Chobani yogurt being delivered across the country.


Role / Designer, Editor

Client / Chobani

Production Company / Aardman Nathan Love



Design Process

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Production Company / Aardman Nathan Love
Creative Director / Joe Burrascano
Director / Anca Risca
Executive Producer / Jon O’Hara
Producer / Liz Hurd
Pitch Producer / Jess McKillop
CG Supervisor / Steve Mann
Art Director: Kim Dulaney
Design / Kim Dulaney, Yi Ju Tsai, Ellen Su, Soo Kim
CG Look Development / Eric Cunha, Ben Toogood, Matthew Morris, Jeff Dillon
Storyboards & Animatic / Kevin Li, Cole Ott, Marianne Yang
2D Animation Lead / Andy Kennedy
2D Animation / Zack Lydon, Peter Ahern, Jim McKenzie, Will Pittas, Ellen Su
3D Animation Lead / Tom Shek
3D Animation / Steve Bolt, Steve Mann, Han Hu, Doug Litos, Nicole Morciniec
Rigging / Frank Naranjo, Steve Mann
Modeling / Michelle K
Texturing / Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Michelle Ko, Eric Cunha
Lighting & Rendering / Eric Cunha, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
Lead Compositor / Jeff Dragon
Compositing / Eric Cunha, Jin Fang Jiang, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
Editorial / Jeff Dragon, Yi Ju Tsai, Daniel Faria, Marianne Yang


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