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Crayola- Audition

00'30'' / USA / 2016

I participated in the design process with directors and 3D leader and was responsible for building pitch decks. In the production process, I was in charge of video editing and motion graphics for the end tag title. Enjoy seeing the project through from concept to execution with the creative team at Aardman Nathan love! 


Role /Designer, Motion Graphics, Video Editor

Client / Crayola

Studio / Aardman Nathan Love



Creative Director /  Joe Burrascano
Director / Anca Risca
Executive Producer / Jon O’Hara
Head of Production /  James Elio
Assistant Producer / Paige Brott
CG Director / Eric Cunha
Character Design / Tim Probert
Additional Design / Yi Ju Tsai
Storyboards / Tim Probert
Character Modeling & Texturing / Eric Cunha
Modeling / Bogdan Mihajlovic, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Jin Fang Jiang
Texturing / Jin Fang Jiang, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
Rigging / Ye Tao, Lee Wolland
Animation / Tom Shek, Doug Litos, Henning Koczy, Roman Kobryn
Motion Graphics /Yi Ju Tsai
Lighting & Rendering / Jin Fang Jiang, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Eric Cunha, Grace Hwang
FX / SpyroSerbos, Jim McKenzie
Compositing / Jin Fang Jiang, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Matt Defranco, Grace Hwang
Editor / Yi Ju Tsai, Jeff Kaufman


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