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Froot Loop- Loopy Dance

00'30'' / USA / 2016


Role / Motion Graphics, Graphics Design

Client / Kellogg’s® Froot Loops®

Agency / Leo Burnett USA

Production Company / Aardman Nathan Love

I took part in prop development in this project. I designed Toucan Sam's album cover and animated audio waveform on stereo display. 



Producer & Director / Joe Burrascano
Executive Producer / Jon O’Hara
Head of Production / James Elio
Art & Design Director / Tim Probert
CG Director / Eric Cunha
Character Design / Jesse Aclin, Tim Probert, Cassey Kuo
Graphic Design / Yi Ju Tsai
Character Modeling / Michael DeFeo
Environment Modeling / Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Pedro Conti, Sean Rubenstein
Texturing / Pedro Conti, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Jin Fang Jiang
Hair & Fur / Eric Cunha
Rigging / Lee Wolland, Sean Rubenstein
Choreography Consultant / Minty Atherton
Animation / Tom Shek, Doug Litos, Roman Kobryn
Lighting & Compositing / Eric Cunha, Jin Fang Jiang, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero


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