In a Good Way 本末

4'45'' / USA / 2015

"In a Good Way" is an 2D animation short about the fear of social value. Created with personal illustration style reminiscent of ink painting and Ukiyo-e. The poetic story addresses how society tries to shape and distort people. Wish to evoke awareness of respecting one’s true voice and following one’s natural path.


A typical Asian salaryman who has decided to leave his job and returned to his hometown. En route, he encounters a pine tree blocking his path. He takes the tree home and tries to plant it in his garden, but finds that the tree has a will of its own – just like the salaryman.


Director / Yi Ju Tsai
Screenwriter / Yi Ju Tsai
Animation / Yi Ju Tsai 
Music / Wengu Hu
Sound Design / Wengu Hu, Yi Ju Tsai 

Additional Animation / Hui Kai Su, Chieh Li Wei, Hsiang Yeh



©School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art Class of 2015 



Character Sketchs


2016 Winner Award of Merit / ADC • Global Awards & Club / US 

2015 Winner Award of Merit  / Animation Chico / US

2015 Winner Honorable Mention Prize / Taiwan International Student Design Competition / Taiwan


Officail Selection

2016 TIAF Taichung International Animation Festival / Taiwan

2016 Brooklyn Film Festival / New York, US

2016 Animaze Daze: Animation Day in Cannes / Cannes, France

2016 Animafest Zagreb / Zagreb, Croatia

2016 Anibar Animation Festival / Peja, Kosovo
2016 Animaze Daze: Animation Day in Cannes / Cannes,France

2016 Athens Digital Arts Festival / Athens, Greek

2016 New Animation & Cartoon Film & Script Festival / Los Angeles, US
2016 DC Independent Short Film Festival / Washington DC, US
2015 Animation Chico / Chico,US
2015 Animated Dreams / Tallinn, Estonia
2015 Anim!Arte / Brazil
2015 Big Mini Media Festival / New York, US
2015 Greenhorn Short Film Festival / London, UK
2015 London Shows International Film Festival/ London,UK
2015 Taiwan International Student Design Competition/ Taipei, Taiwan
2015 SPARK Animation / Vancouver, Canada
2015 CutOut Fest / Querétaro, México
2015 Ars Independent Festival/ Katowice, Poland
2015 Qabila Film Festival/ Cairo, Egypt
2015 ASFF As Film Festival / Rome, Italy
2015 Let's All Be Free Film Festival/ London, UK 
2015 ANNY Animation Nights New York
2015 Lovecraft Film Festival/ New York, US
2015 New York Short Film Fridays@ Bahche/ New York, US
2015 DSOFF Direct Short Online Film Festival
2015 TMFF The Monthly Film Festival
2015 #TOFF The Online Film Festival

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