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Panera - “Stove Top” / “Chopping Board” / “Kitchen Table”

00'20'' / USA / 2017


Role / Editor

Client / Panera

Agency / Anomaly

Production Company / Aardman Nathan Love



Executive Creative Director: Joe Burrascano
Creative Director: Anca Risca
Stop Motion Director: Daniel Cohen
Live Action Director: Travis Satten
Executive Producer: Jon O’Hara
Head of Production/Producer: James Elio
CG Lead: Eric Cunha
Storyboards: Tim Probert
Stop-Motion Animation: Adam Peirce
Prop Fabrication: Felicia Ruben
Compositing: Matthew DeFranco, Sam Feske
Editor: Anderson Rolf, Yi Ju Tsai

Live Action Production Company: Black Powder Works
Executive Producer: Casey Unterman
Director of Photography: Simon Paul


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