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Swiss Bisousousou


Role / Art Director

Course / Thesis 

School / Academy of Comtemporary Arts



Swiss Bisousousou is a book editorial design project. Content is my personal travel journal. I documented what I experienced in Switzerland while I studied abroad for one year through my vision. I discovered every special thing around me in daily life, and recorded them down in my own way through photography, sketches and digital images. It was not simply a design project, but a valuable memory of my life.

Switzerland / 2012




Highlight 01 /

Handmade Book

Thread-bound Binding


Highlight 02 /

Mix Material

80P Cream Paper 70P Brown Paper


Highlight 03 /

Exhibition Display Design

Antique Suitcase


Size / B5 176mm * 250mm

Volume / 86 pages


2012 SISMIC Comic Festival , Sierre, Switzerland


Press Release 

“Design: Travel far and Knows More." 設計就是要愈學愈遠 30 Magazine. Commonwealth Publishing Group, Feb. 2013.


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